Why does the differential jump?

It is common in some homes, especially those that are older, that the differential jumps and the power goes out. We can still go to the electrical panel and raise the differential switch again is a major annoyance since it interrupts us in what we are doing, we can lose the information that we are editing at that moment to the computer or disconnect the heating at night and we find ourselves that the house is cold and nothing works when we wake up. In the worst case, a large number of interruptions can cause an appliance in the house to go bad. The untimely jumps of this element can occur for three main reasons:
There is a derivation at some point in the electrical installation that causes it to jump (actually, in this case, the differential fulfills its function correctly)
The differential does not work correctly
That there is at the housing some device that introduces high frequency harmonics into the electrical circuit
We will see each of these cases below.

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